Deep Space Diver

Deep Space Diver Demo Reel

For the past few years I have been performing live visual projections for concerts and events under the tag Deep Space Diver. I have performed everything from classical with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to hip hop at the Museum of Nature and Science and electronic at DIY venues like Fort Greene and Flux 2.0 in Colorado Springs. Every show I perform I create my visuals based on the music I am accompanying and striving to find the most cohesive set.





learning to hear color was a video performance done in collaboration with Bailey Dunning and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at the Newman Center on the University of Denver's campus. This event was created as a sister production to the gallery opening learning to see color opening at the Vicki Myhren Gallery, exploring how we process color as both individuals and as a society as a whole. For the performance we focused on using colors commonly associated with the tone and feel of certain pieces, or what is in line with the composers original goal.





Constructed was my first experience performing a video set on a 3-D structure. I created the structure used, focusing on how light travels through materials and the best ways to avoid shadows in order to fully embody the projections from all angles. Tw0 projectors were used to project on all sides of the structure.



Full sets from Denver Brap Ping Pt. II

Thought // Forum Gallery



Blarney Mumble / John Rasmussen

The New Smart / Sheet Metal Skingraft






Terra Formal is an exploration of our planet from the perspective of an extra terrestrial being. The set starts with traveling through space and discovering our planet, moving into a period of exploration of the nature and planet. After seeing a purer form of the planet it discovers the human race, deciding after some observation that it needs to be destroyed before leaving the planet again.