Forgotten Memorabilia – Senior Thesis Piece



Forgotten Memorabilia was the work created as part of my thesis to earn distinction at the University of Denver. My thesis was based in the interaction of memory and perception. The human brain is often lazy and will use memory to help shape how we take in new stimuli. At the same time our current perception changes our memories, like learning something new about a person or place and how things become feel good nostalgic when they're gone. This is also why no group can remember an event the same way. The piece explores how this interaction is affected when an outside force is controls that perception.

You can read my full thesis here.



Museum of Outdoor Arts Design and Build – Archetype Revival


Archetype Revival was the title for our exhibition as part of the Museum of Outdoor Art's Design and Build Internship Program focusing on how society views certain stereotypes. Design and Build brings together 9 emerging artists together to create a collaborative exhibition under resident artist Cory Gilstrap. In addition to the full show each individual made a solo piece to also be shown. For this collaboration my personal piece explored how people behave when they become aware that they are being watch. I created a small city scene inset into a mirror framed hole in the wall with videos that would switch based on viewers proximity to the wall. The videos would change from fairly normal activities to the entire cast freezing, looking at the audience and then behaving erratically in response.



I had a heavy hand in the more technology based collaborative pieces. Shadow Steps juxtaposes the smooth and fluid qualities of art until fairly recently with the chaotic and rough qualities of some modern and contemporary art and dance.   Antagonist's Book is a piece dedicated to the monsters of literature and attempting to portray the creatures in an unsullied light. The book writes it's own passages taken from the descriptions of the creatures in works including Dracula, the Hobbit and Call of Cthulhu while surrounded by a low, ominous rumble.





Rumination and Illumination was a collaborative installation and performance done with Sommer Shearer, Colby Clow and Greg Hardy.

Composite stemmed out of my experimentation using and layering different textures and evolved into doing the same with people.

Composite was shown as a part of Supernova 2016.





Portals to Normal explores how easily we can get lost in our own routines and how that can slowly drain a person. As the video progresses we see more and more of the repetition and less of the individual going through the motions. To capture this I used a green morph suit and a green screen out in public spaces to distort the environment and take away all identity of the subject. The installation used 13 6" x 6" cubes lined on the inside with mirrors and rear projected stacked semi - haphazardly each played a clip from the assortment of repetitions which is then green screened to show an additional scene and so on. This piece was created for my second and final capstone for my BFA and shown in C-Cubed Studios at the University of Denver.

Portals to Normal – Senior Capstone




Septexcessity is the birth child of adapting two of my previous works into a two - channel piece for Return of the Democlypse at Redline Gallery in Denver. Septicity shows the loss of time and identity that technology can cause. Excess portrays our society's greedy wasteful in its rawest forms of food an textiles. Together they combined to represent the state of society and the unsteady future of our world.

Excess was shown in Trade Secrets at Plus Gallery in 2013.






Priming was the work created for my first BFA capstone. I construct a large hallway with two way mirrors on either side with video being projected from the back side of the mirrors. When the audience walked through the structure they became a new part of the piece by getting caught in the infinity aspect of the two mirrors along with also now being in the video. Since this piece I have greatly improved on the fabrication of project-able two way mirrors, solving the problem of the light beam being too bright.




I created this piece after doing research into the history of Denver and how it has served as a gateway between the east and west  in the U.S. Oscillation uses fluid motions and a juxtaposition of geometric structures representing the man made society on one side and the soft unconstrained flow of nature on the other with that meeting point being the city we call home.

Oscillation was shown as part of CO-flux at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center



Intentional Loss – Installation


As human beings our brains like to keep us happy because it stresses them out if we're not. Intentional Loss is a way visualizing the work of forming and forgetting bad memories into something more doctored and less emotionally connected.

Intentional Loss was shown at the Cable Center in 2014.



The Observer

The Observer was projected into an interior corner taking advantage of the architecture and construction materials. Each block had a different video like a set of screens in a security office with the sounds of indistinct chatter in the background. Next to those is a hole descending into nothingness, the loss of personal time spent watching others.


Ammal was a piece done in collaboration with the School of Anthropology at the University of Denver to explore modern ways of portraying a culture with projection mapping and actual artifacts. The mask I  used is from the small villages in Tibet projected with visuals based in Tibetan monasteries and prayer flags and how they have been changed and affected over generations.